Test Chambers

Chambers for proof and burst testing, depth gauge calibration
and other specialized applications.

Model 3510
Safety Test Chamber

  • Designed for proof and burst testing up to 20,000 psi using manually operated booster pump with differential area piston.
  • 4.5" diameter test gauge with mirrored dial is accurate to within 0.5% of IV throughout full scale range of 0 to 20,000 psi.

Model 3681
Depth Gauge Chamber

  • Rated operating range of 50Ám absolute to 30 psia.
  • Completely hermetically sealed.
  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction.

Model 3613
Barometer Test Kit

  • Rated operating range of 10 in-Hg vacuum to 5 psig.
  • Hermetically sealed transparent acrylic chamber for unobstructed view of instrument being tested.