Thermo Units

Product Description:
Precision dry well temperature standards.


Available Models

Model No. 3603-A 3604-A 3605-A
Range 100 to 600F 100 to 1,200F -40 to 250F
Accuracy 0.5F throughout range 0.8F from 100 to 600F; 0.15% of setpoint > 600F 0.5F throughout range
Setpoint stability 0.15F 0.15F 0.15F
Well uniformity 0.3F 0.5F 0.5F
Heating/cooling element Heater coil Heater coil Peltier
Adapter chuck composition Aluminum Nickel-plated copper Aluminum
IEEE-488/GPIB interface No Yes Yes


  • High temperature (3604-A: 100 to 1,200F), low temperature (3605-A: -40 to 250F) and compact (3603-A: 100 to 600F) models available.
  • Unique dry well design and precision adapter chucks eliminate the need for messy thermal transfer oils.
  • Excellent accuracy and temperature stability.
  • Microprocessor control for safety and ease of use.
  • 3604-A and 3605-A incorporate an IEEE-488/GPIB interface, enabling remote control and automation using a PC compatible computer.
  • Rugged aluminum cases protect the units from harsh environmental conditions and include storage for adapters and accessories.
  • Designed for simple field service and maintenance.
  • 3604-A and 3605-A capable of automated standardization and calibration using KNC Model 3724 Automatic Thermo Unit Calibration Kit-saves time and effort.
  • All models conform to rigorous U.S. Military specifications.
  • Wide range of standard inch size and U.S. Military Specification adapter chucks available-contact KNC for custom adapter chuck sizes.