Model 3688-A Air Data Calibrator

Product Description:
Enhanced accuracy RVSM compliant test set that provides regulated static (Ps) and total (Pt) pressure/vacuum outputs. Simulates altitudes and airspeeds (Qc) for the purpose of testing aircraft altimeters, airspeed indicators, and rate-of-climb indicators. Regulated pressure/vacuum can also be supplied using in-Hg, mm-Hg, in-H2O, psi, and millibar units.


  • Enhanced accuracy RVSM compliant test set regulates pressure/vacuum from 0 to 32 in-Hg for Ps and 0.5 to 110 in-Hg for Pt.
  • Accurate: 0.002 in-Hg for Ps and 0.002 in-Hg for Pt from 0.5 to 42 in-Hg (0.004 in-Hg for Pt from 42 to 110 in-Hg).
  • Altitude readings displayed using feet or meters units.
  • Airspeed readings displayed using Knots, km-hr, or Mach units.
  • Pressure/vacuum readings displayed using in-Hg, psi, mm-Hg (Torr), in-H2O, or millibar units.
  • Air data control, air data monitor, Ps control, Pt control, gauge test, leak test, and TTU-205 test modes available.
  • Interactive touch panel display prompts the user through the test process and setup procedures: Reduces the likelihood of operator error.
  • IEEE-488/GPIB interface enables remote control of the unit from a PC compatible computer.
  • Handheld remote control module with 10-foot cable (included) duplicates front panel displays and controls for convenient observation of instruments being tested.
  • Built-in printer generates permanent records of measurement data.
  • Housed in a rugged, weatherproof drawn aluminum case.
  • Includes a vacuum pump. pressure regulator kit, supply and test hoses, and all required interconnecting and power cables.