Model 3719 Air Data Test Set

Product Description:
A highly accurate microprocessor-driven pressure calibrator designed to provide regulated static (Ps) and total (Pt) pressure/vacuum outputs to simulate altitudes and airspeeds (Qc) in avionic instruments. Manufactured in rack-mounted, benchtop, and self-contained configurations.


  • Wide operating range: Simulates altitude from -1870 to 100,000 feet and airspeed from 20 to 1,000 knots (0 to 3.0 Mach).
  • Generates calibrated pressure/vacuum output from 0.3 to 32 in-Hg for Ps and 0.5 to 110 in-Hg for Pt.
  • Accurate: 0.002 in-Hg for Ps, 0.004 in-Hg for Pt.
  • Air Data Test mode simulates altitude and airspeed using feet/Knots, feet/Mach, or in-Hg units for calibrating aircraft instruments.
  • Ps/Pt Test mode available for calibrating absolute pressure/vacuum measurement devices using in-Hg units.
  • Switches from control mode to a timed leak test at the press of a key.
  • Large backlit LCD display summarizes measurement information at a glance.
  • Microprocessor control prompts the operator through the setup, standardization, and calibration process.
  • Simple, intuitve front panel controls.
  • Built-in dot-matrix printer for generating permanent records of test data.
  • Built-in ARINC 565 safe flight envelope algorithm automatically detects and corrects for unsafe flight conditions commanded by the operator.
  • Computer-controlled pressure equalization system protects instruments under test from rapid changes in pressure/vacuum.
  • IEEE-488/GPIB and RS-232 serial interfaces enable remote control of the test set using a PC compatible computer.
  • Uses King Nutronics and U.S. Air Force "Atlas" IEEE-488/GPIB command sets.
  • Optional remote control module with 100-foot cable enables remote control of the test set while seated in an aircraft cockpit.
  • Backup battery system prevents uncontrolled venting and protects against equipment damage in the event of the loss of external power.
  • Rugged design and construction for maximum reliability, easy maintenance, and long service life.
  • Wide range of benchtop, rack-mount, self-contained, and custom configurations available. View product datasheet for more information.