Model 3646 Portable Instrument Cleaning System

Product Description:
Portable self-contained maintenance system for pressure gauges, transducers, and other Bourdon tube type "dead end" instruments. Standard pneumatic and oxygen only kit versions available.


  • Effective: Drain and purge cleaning process quickly flushes away hydrocarbons, dirt particles, and other contaminants without damaging sensitive instruments.
  • Simple and easy to use: Two selector valves control the entire cleaning process.
  • Two versions available: KNC P/N 3646-1-1 for all pneumatic gauges, transducers, and other devices that do not handle oxygen; KNC P/N 3646-1-104 for all oxygen gauges including breathing oxygen systems.
  • All system components and accessories are housed in two compact and rugged aluminum carrying cases.
  • Uses environmentally friendly 3M HFE-7100 cleaning solvent.
  • Kit contains all necessary equipment, including Teflon tube assemblies, fill and waste flasks, an adapter kit accommodating commonly used pneumatic fittings and thread sizes, silicone grease, and two sampling bottles.