Model 3724 Thermo Unit Calibrator

Product Description:
Automatically standardizes and calibrates King Nutronics Model 3604-A and 3605-A Thermo Units. Reduces operator error and equipment downtime. Compatible with Rosemount and Hart SPRTs. Automatic calibrator unit available separately or as a complete kit, depicted at left.


  • Performs 3604-A and 3605-A thermo unit standardization and/or calibration procedures automatically-eliminates time-consuming manual data logging and frees-up shop personnel for other tasks.
  • Operational modes including standardization and calibration, standardization only, calibration only, and real-time SPRT temperature monitoring available.
  • Generates hard copy report of standardization and/or calibration data using the thermo unit built-in printer.
  • Standardizes thermo units using either ITS 68 or ITS 90 coefficients.
  • User-selectable temperature stabilization time from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Easy to read, backlit dot-matrix LCD display prompts the operator through the system setup process and provides status information at a glance.
  • Complete kits include a P/N 3724-10-1 automatic calibration control unit, an Agilent Technologies Model 34401A multimeter, a Hart Scientific 5628 or Rosemount 162CE SPRT (customer choice), calibration chucks for the 3604-A and 3605-A thermo units, and a fitted storage case.
  • Partial kit available with no SPRT supplied; individual kit components also sold separately.
  • Simple standardization and calibration set-up.