Model 3510 Safety Test Chamber

Product Description:
Self contained chamber designed for proof and burst testing small components up to 20,000 psi.


  • Designed for proof and burst testing up to 20,000 psi using manually operated booster pump with differential area piston.
  • 4.5" diameter test gauge with mirrored dial is accurate to within 0.5% of IV throughout full scale range of 0 to 20,000 psi.
  • Large 21" x 19.5" x 21" (W x H x D) interior dimensions allow plenty of room to work.
  • Self-contained-all gauges, valves, pressure regulator, and booster pump are housed in a compact, easy to install unit.
  • Uses dry nitrogen or other inert gas.
  • Heavy welded 10-gauge steel construction with 1" thick polyethylene inner liner.
  • Double-walled door fabricated from 10-gauge steel with 6" x 10" acrylic viewing window and heavy duty latch.
  • Soft seat control and vent valves for precise metering.
  • Discharge port with quick-disconnect fitting simplifies test setup.
  • Safety interlock prevents pressure from being applied to test item while chamber door is open.
  • Red warning light flashes when system is under pressure.
  • Buzzer sounds if door is opened while system is pressurized.
  • Rear facing labyrinth baffles safely vent pressure inside chamber and contain flying fragments in the event of a test item bursting.
  • 120 Watts of illumination inside chamber for easy viewing of items being tested.