Model 3613 Brometer Test Kit

Product Description:
Complete kit for testing aneroid barometers, surveying altimeters and similar instruments from 20 to 37 in-Hg.


  • Rated operating range of 10 in-Hg vacuum to 5 psig.
  • Hermetically sealed transparent acrylic chamber for unobstructed view of instrument being tested.
  • Capable of pressure and vacuum testing using the included diaphragm pump.
  • Soft seat control valve for precise metering of pressure/vacuum levels.
  • Barbed hose fitting upstream of control valve enables monitoring of pressure/vacuum inside the chamber using an external reference standard.
  • Restricted orifice couplings prevent rapid changes in pressure/vacuum from damaging instruments under test.
  • Integral relief valve protects kit and instruments under test from accidental overpressurization.
  • Adjustment tool with top-mounted knob permits convenient null indicator needle adjustments without opening the chamber or disturbing the test setup.
  • Adjustable feet allow chamber to be leveled for maximum accuracy.
  • Simple, easy-to-use design.