Test, Measurement & Calibration Solutions

There is no room for malfunctions or imperfections in tools and equipment that the Armed Forces use to fulfill their duties. Every day they put lives and millions of dollars of taxpayer money on the line. King Nutronics ensures there are accurate testing and calibration solutions for the equipment used by our military organizations ranging from government agencies to defense contractors. Our first priority is to make sure the products relied upon by our Armed Forces have the consistent, accurate and reliable performance to always be ready for success.

Our customers absolutely can not change anything in a mission-critical setting – from pressure and temperature measurements to torque and tension calibrations. Our industries constantly have regularly scheduled calibration and testing services for mission-critical equipment to mitigate the risk of potential product failure and/or unforeseen downtime. King Nutronics equipment gives them confidence in their calibration activities.

King Nutronics has been delivering superior test instruments and equipment for more than 60 years. Our highly-trained team is reliable and provides speedy, accurate, and excellent values for all defense-related calibration, testing and validation need.

Who We Serve

King Nutronics works very closely with defense contractors and our military branches to engineer measurement and calibration solutions. Our current clients include the US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard and many prominent defense contractors within various defense sectors. We make sure to tailor our defense calibration equipment to match the needs of every client and organization we work with. Contact King Nutronics today and let us assess your requirements as well as put together a defense calibration solution that will meet your compliance obligations and ensure that you attain your required measurement accuracy.

Standards And Certifications

Calibration labs are required to adhere to high standards and ensure quality service within the defense industry. All defense calibrations are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ANSI/NCSL 2540-1-1994 and in compliance with ISO 10012. King Nutronics provides our customers with proper credentials and physical records that will simplify your auditing and reporting processes to maintain your compliance standards.

Choose King Nutronics For Your Calibration Needs

King Nutronics Corporation is the lead manufacturer for temperature, pressure, force measurement and torque calibration equipment in the defense, aviation, petrochemical and utility industries. Our durability and accuracy are legendary when it comes to the punishing environments encountered by the United States Armed Forces, NASA and other demanding clients worldwide. Our equipment is designed, precicely engeneered and crafted to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture, salt spray, dust and other conditions commonly encountered in shipboards, hangars, submarines and other punishing outdoor environments. All portable instruments are housed in rugged thermoplastic or aluminum cases to take the abuse of frequent transport while maintaining the accuracy requirements of laboratory settings.

King Nutronics deeply understands that all customer applications are mission-critical, and because of this, our instruments are designed for simple field maintenance and services. They include comprehensive technical manuals that contain repair and troubleshooting instructions as well as an illustrated parts breakdown. At King Nutronics, we also understand that our clients and customers don’t have the time to decode a confusing array of bells and whistles. This is why the operation of our instruments is kept simple – this enables the learning curve to be shortened for new operators, meanwhile, preventing errors and confusion when every second counts.

Our manufacturing facility and 21,000 square-foot headquarters is located in Woodland Hills, CA, and we house an environmentally-controlled calibration laboratory that conforms to the appliance requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ANSI/NCSL 2540-1-1994 and in compliance with ISO 10012.

For the calibration of pressure measurement instruments and to ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability, we utilize a 110 in-Hg Schwein manometer, a Ruska Model 2400 – 10,000 PSI deadweight piston gauge, and a Ruska Model 2465 precision deadweight piston gauge. Our Schwein manometer and piston gauge dead weights are calibrated by the U.S. Navy Primary Standards Laboratory located in San Diego, CA.

Model 3714 Portable Torque Calibrator

Model 3714 Portable Torque Calibrator

Our Thermo units, such as Model 3604-A and Model 3605-A, are calibrated by using precision standard platinum resistance thermometers that are manufactured by Rosemount, whose absolute accuracy is verified using a Hart Scientific triple point of water cell for measurement uncertainty of less than ±0.0001°C. Our very own torque standards and others are manufactured by Morehouse Instruments located in York, PA, and are used to verify the accuracy of our model 3695 and Model 3714 torque and force calibrators. Each one of these primary standards is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, located in Gaithersburg, MD.

King Nutronics Corporation is widely renowned for the constant and ongoing support of its products. We stock replacement parts and supplies for all of the instruments manufactured throughout our 60 years of history. If a problem does arise, our highly-dedicated sales and support team will ensure that it is resolved efficiently, quickly and with a minimum amount of downtime.

Some of our customers have specialized and particular needs that can’t be met using off-the-shelf products. King Nutronics has a very experienced staff of engineers that can design and manufacture custom tests and measurement instruments for specialized applications. We can further adapt our existing instruments and systems to meet a customer’s unique requirements. Please contact us via email at, or call us at (818) 887-5460 from 7 AM to 5 PM Pacific time for more information today.